ZELFZORG // Mijn haarroutine (ENG)

Hi guys.

I am sorry that I didn’t post anything for a while. I should be honest with you, I’m a perfectionist and I always wonder what others might think if I post something. Therefore, I was sometimes hesitant about posting the things that inspire me. However, new year, new resolutions: right? So, I decided to (try to) post whatever pops into my head, whatever inspires me, whatever I feel like sharing. Some posts may be short whereas on other topics I might elaborate more.

I want to share who I am and what I like without overthinking it.

So let’s do this by starting with a fresh post.

Since several of you asked which products I use daily to tame my – sometimes frizzy – curly hair, I decided to list my favourite hair products.


I am OBSESSED with the Rahua classic shampoo and conditioner. Both products consist out of pure, plant-based ingredients from the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. The products are completely vegan and cruelty-free and are free from common nasty ingredients such as parabens or sulphates. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s been doing so many good things to my hair: my hair doesn’t get greasy at all, it grows faster, looks shiny and I don’t have to worry about hair loss anymore. But more importantly: my curls look better than ever before!


Don’t be deterred by the scent of the shampoo: it smells rather nutty and minty but if you finish your hair routine with the Gisou hair oil (see below) you do not need a shampoo with a pungent flavor.

Another pro: the line is dedicated to preserving the Amazonian rainforest. In Belgium you can easily shop the Rahua shampoo online at Biotylab (you can also order samples and travel size bottles).

In case you’re interested here’s a fun fact: Kourtney Kardashian also loves the Rahua classic shampoo (as shared on here Insta-story).


To hydrate my hair and avoid frizz, I add a pump of the 100% natural Rahua control cream – curl styler before and after I comb my hair (with a tangle teezer). The control cream  possesses the same benefits as its accessory shampoo and conditioner and has the same nutty/minty smell. I only discovered this product two months ago as I decided to switch my regular Elsève styling cream for something organic and honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled. Again, you can shop this panacea via the Biotylab website.



Last but not least I apply 2 drops of the Gisou honey infused hair oil by Negin Mirsalehi (my favorite Instagram account at the moment) before I leave the house, before I go to bed and before I go for a drink The signature ingredient of the Gisou hair oil is the honey cultivated at the Mirsalehi bee garden. Negin elaborates on the power of honey in the little booklet that comes with the oil (in a beautiful box: I love the branding!). Honestly, I was a little held back about using this oil at first since I tried out many different hair oils (but they usually make my hair look greasy). However, after using the oil twice I was smitten about this baby. You can use the oil in different ways on a daily basis (hair mask, overnight treatment, pre-styling and finishing). Negin tells you how in the booklet. Besides the fact that it’s quite pricey (74 euro’s for 100 ml) it is definitely worth it! Again for those in doubt: the oil is available in travel size (50ml). Hooray for frequent travellers! Buy it here!


Let me know what your experiences are when experimenting with these products! Love to hear what you guys think! Or if you have any questions: shoot!



4 reacties op “ZELFZORG // Mijn haarroutine (ENG)”

  1. Blij dat je meer gaat posten! 😍
    Fan van je posts en een lichte voorkeur voor fashionposts, dus kan niet wachten op je volgende!

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