Daily life

In daily life I’m a 29 year old PhD in clinical psychology. Besides a clinical psychologist and mindfulnesstrainer, I am also a researcher at Ghent University. My main research focus is on positive emotions, emotion regulation, self-compassion, and mindfulness, with a particular interest in the psychophysiological basis of these factors. I also got a masters degree in statistics. Yes. I agree:

I am a geek.

Despite the fact that this will not be the main focus of my blog, it is one of my aims to bring theory into practice by exposing you to a lot of positive things and elicit similar emotions.

Hobbies (do 29 year olds still use that word? I assume they do?)

I enjoy shopping (a lot) and related to that: I like organising my closet on a Sunday afternoon and try to come up with new outfits for the week to come. I’m always busy figuring out the latest trends. I agree:

I am a shopaholic.

Furthermore, I like to try out the newest eco-friendly skin products and make-up. I love running and yoga, taking a bath, good and healthy food, and reading.

Safe haven

I have a crazy (=understatement (but of course in a good way)) girls squad to turn to, a boyfriend whom I adore, and a warm and loving family. I agree:

I am a lucky girl


I like to travel and share my experiences with others. When abroad, I have the habit of always starting my day with a Venti Starbucks Americano and a warm croissant. I always end it with a glass of champagne. I agree:

I am a bon-vivant

Any reflections of yourself Marie-Lotte?

Like a lot of girls, I am sometimes insecure but also grateful for who I am, my past, present, and future. I try to be fully aware of all the beautiful and little things in life as much as possible. I live my life to the fullest. I agree:

I have a huge appetite for life