Daily life

In daily life I’m a 26 year old clinical psychologist and a PhD student at Ghent University. My research is mostly on the role of positive emotions and adaptive emotion regulation for understanding youth depressive symptoms. In my spare time I’m getting a masters degree in statistics. Yes. I agree:

I am a geek.

Despite the fact that this will not be the main focus of my blog, it is one of my aims to bring theory into practice by exposing you to a lot of positive things and elicit similar emotions.

Hobbies (do 26 year olds still use that word? I assume they do?)

I enjoy shopping (a lot) and related to that: I like organizing my closet on a sunday afternoon and try to come up with new outfits for the week to come. I’m always busy figuring out the latest trends and searching the more affordable version (!) of (designer)pieces I like. I agree:

I am a shopaholic.

Furthermore, I like to try out the newest skin products and make-up. I love running and hot yoga, taking a bath, and reading vogue.

Safe haven

I have a crazy (=understatement (but of course in a good way)) girls squad to turn to, a boyfriend whom I adore, and a warm and loving family. I agree:

I am a lucky girl


I like to travel and share my experiences with others. When abroad, I have the habbit of always starting my day with a Venti Starbucks Americano and a warm croissant. I always end it with a glass of prosecco. I agree:

I am a bon-vivant

Any reflections of yourself Marie-Lotte?

Like a lot of girls, I am sometimes insecure but also grateful for who I am, my past, present, and future. I try to be fully aware of all the beautiful and little things in life as much as possible. I live my life to the fullest. I agree:

I love life