VIDEO // My daily make-up routine

A couple of months ago, I decided to try out something new and I am super excited about it. More specifically, I wanted to make a short make-up tutorial so I can show you guys my daily make-up routine. So: here’s the result. As you may notice, this video is not without any flaws because I still need to figure out how to best use my camera for making videos. Here’s what I learned so far: apparently my camera is not that fond of focusing when I want to (‘sighs’) …

I started this video without wearing any make-up (after a night out), which I found a bit scary at first. Yet, I believe that people shouldn’t be afraid of revealing their true selves via social media and should thus start revealing how they look like without wearing any make-up (and how their morning face looks like).

Anyway, below the video you can find a more detailed overview of what I am doing and which products I am using. This routine takes approximately 15 minutes in the morning so the look is perfect to go to work, do a quick touch-up after work and go out for drinks afterward.

Music by Ian Pooley – Sentimento (ft. Marcos Valle)

Put on your favorite day-creme. My current favorite is the antioxidant smoothing cream from Patyka (note that I already put on some rose oil blend on my face before I started this video).

Put on your foundation. I’ve been using the same foundation for quite some time because I love it so much: it is the Clarins Teint Multi Régénerant n° 110 (honey).

Put on some baked powder (apply it in the shape of a ‘3’ on your face (so only forehead, cheeks, and chin)). Otherwise, you quickly give the impression that you’re wearing 100 layers of make-up. Here, I use the sparkling holiday baking powder of Kiko n°4 Sienna (which is limited edition). I love it because there’s a shiny touch to it and it lightens up your face.

Put on your concealer. I use the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Warm Beige. I apply it with my fingers and finish up with a concealer pencil (I forgot where it’s from).

And now my favorite part: contouring. For contouring, I use the sculpting touch, creamy stick contour n° 201 from Kiko Milano. It is quite dark but I think it gives me a nice touch-up. Just apply some on your hairline, chin, cheekbones, and both sides of your nose (for me the latter is a life-saver because I tend to accumulate moisture around my nose-area) and blend it with a contour brush (mine is from Kiko, brush n°6).

Apply some highlighting cream on the same areas. I use the Sparkling holiday liquid highlighter from Kiko Milano. Again – unfortunately – limited edition.

Apply some blush with a blush brush (mine is from Estée Lauder). My all-time favorite powder blush is the joues contraste n°71 Malice from Chanel.

Put on your favorite (creamy) eye-shadow. Here I use my OBVIOUSLY almost finished favorite golden eye-shadow from Kiko Milano. I usually apply it with my fingers because I think it gives me a better result.

*will keep you posted on my quest for finding a surrogate perfect eyeshadow*

For my eyes, I use the Kiko Precision eyeliner and combine 2 different mascaras which are both vegan (yay!) and both from Kruitvat. I apply the Catrice Glamm & Doll Sculpt and Volume mascara first and I finish up with the Catrice Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara.

STEP 10:
Fine-tune your brows. I use the eyebrow sculpt, automatic pencil n°05 from Kiko Milano. To keep my eye-brows on fleek all day I finish with the colorless waterproof eye-brow sharper from Bobbi Brown.

STEP 11:
LIPS LIPS LIPS. First I use the Rouge Allure 162 Pensive from Chanel and finish up with one of my favorite nude colored lip pencils: n°504 from Kiko Milano. I always carry these two babies in my bag.

TADA! You are now ready to go and explore the world.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and let me know if you want me to post more videos!


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