FASHION // 3 trends you should own this season #3

XS glasses

Or, as my friends like to call it, ‘Millie Bobby Brown sunnies’.

I should be honest with you: I really needed some time to get used to the teeny tiny sunglasses that were suddenly popping up on countless pictures of models and insta-bloggers. It started with the Quay x Kylie madness last summer and from then on it became almost impossible to walk through your favorite shopping street without noticing them.

Despite the fact that I am kind of used to wearing big sunglasses that carry the possibility of covering up dark circles under my eyes, I became a big fan. You can easily wear them at the pool during your summer holiday without getting tan lines from wearing glasses while sunbathing. Hooray for that!

I get this feeling that especially the cat-eye sunglasses will be given a second life in SS18. So go and search your nineties example in the attic sunshines or score a new copy at Zara of Bershka.



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