FASHION // 3 trends you should own this season #2

Dad sneakers

When Balenciaga just launched the triple S sneaker, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Oh my god, these are definitely the ugliest shoes EVER‘. However, as a clinical psychologist I am familiar with the power of ‘exposure’ and … since I am very sensitive to it, I quickly became fond of them through being exposed to the countless pictures of influencers and models combining these sneakers with fabulous outfits.

The triple S sneakers reminds me of the shoes that the typical ‘American dad‘ used to wear back in the nineties. So besides the fact that they add some extra spirit to my outfit, they also give me a pang of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, these sneakers come with a price tag …

But that does not mean that we cannot wear a similar version of these sneakers, right?

IMG_7004 2


I was in seventh heaven when I accidentally bumped into a pair at SACHA. Actually, they offer quite some ‘dad shoes’ and they are available in different colours. Note that there is a bonus: they are SUPER comfy!

IMG_6436 2

So run baby run (to the shoe store)!


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