A mix of authenticity and culture, good food, gin and tonic, and of course fashion. If you only have a few days, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are SO many things to do. But what should you do without question? I am happy to share my personal short (!) list of things to do, things to see, where to shop, and where to eat.

So, get yourself a glass of prosecco at the Eurostar bar (or ask the flight attendant to get you one) and get ready for another adventure!


What to visit?

You can start exploring the city regardless of where you are staying (I recommend the Citizen M hotel nearby Borough Market). As you walk through the different neighborhoods, you get quickly soaked up by innumerable impressions. However, there a couple of hotspots that should be on top of your TO DO list.

First, you should DEFINITELY head to Covent Garden (one of my favorite places in London). If you are visiting London during the holidays, you can enjoy a heart warming mulled wine. During summer you can drink a glass of champagne on the fabulous terrace at la Durée while eating a maccaron, of course. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a performance of one of the locally renowned street artists.

Second, you should cross Blackfiars Bridge and enjoy the view


Blackfiars Bridge will lead you to Tate modern. I could spend hours there. You will find a mix of modern and contemporary art, you can enjoy the architecture, and access is free! Note that you can carry a chair with you (yes! really!) if you’d like to reflect on a piece (or peace?) of art or just meditate in the middle of the crowd.

Furthermore, you should visit Tower and London bridge – no comments needed.

After crossing Tower bridge, turn left. You will subsequently arrive at the Tower of London. There is a really nice square (Trinity Square) nearby and from here, you can take the subway (Tower Hill station) to wherever you want (TIP: get yourself an Oyster card and charge it with +/- 25 pounds instead of taking expensive taxi’s).

Up next: changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. I recommend you schedule this so check their website. Head to the Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower), at the houses of parliament afterwards. Be sure you are there at midday.

Meanwhile: London calling.

Where to shop?

  • Piccadilly circus: Regent street and Oxford street (especially at night)!
  • Note to self: Victoria’s Secret is situated on New Bond Street.
  • Remember Cheap Monday? You can find their flagship store (only in London and China) on Carnaby street.
  • For the record: Carnaby street is home to a lot of nice boutiques.
  • And last but not least: Harrods (DUH).


Where to eat

Good morning!

Regardless of the city I visit, I love (with capital L) to get a Venti Americano and a croissant at Starbucks before I start my day. I discovered the most cosy Starbucks ever at St Katharine’s (nearby Tower bridge).


  • Street food = Borough Market!
  • Sushi at Harrods (O M G). Take the lobster sushi.
  • Cocktail with a view? Head to the Aqua Shard.


Soho’s hidden gem: The Kingly Court at Carnaby street.

I recommend you grab some sushi to die for at Oka restaurant.

Or try the amazing Peruvian food at Señor Ceviche.

If your boyfriend is more into burgers and you are into lobster (YES please) you should definitely go to Burger & Lobster.

I hope you have a wonderful time.



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